taf-hst 300 series
HST TAF-300 Series

Included with Shipment

HST Digital - Internal View
Vaccuum Controlled LED Display Control Panel
HST Digital Circuitry
2.8 Microprocessor
HST Digital with Sample Holder
HST Sensor
 TAF 1680x lamp replacement bulbs
TAF Sensors - batch
sampleholder clamp - new design to prevent lens cracking TAF2FA TAFNGB1

Analog,Green,and Black HST
HST sampleholder clamp - new design with testing tiles
HST Refurb/Upgrade Product Line

Internal Refurbished Digital with Certification and Testing Tiles
HST calibration tiles
Sample holder and ink sample - close view
Top Plate with Sample Clamp analolg repair kits
Leak proof sample holders
Test samples from successful runs on the digital HST.
naphthtol green "b" dye solution pak
air louvers TAF Remote Testing Facility

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