TAF Knowledge Base

Welcome to the TAF Knowledge Base, where you can browse or search our archive for help and support information/documentation regarding TAF HST products and updates. We keep this updated frequently for your HST needs.


TAF-310 Series Instruction Manual-Rev 3.0 – PDF
HST Revision 2.8-07 Instructions – PDF
HST Learning/Instructions Video Library
RS232 Procedure Manual – PDF
RealTerm – Serial/TCP Terminal Free Software
Tera Term – Open Source Free Software Serial Terminal Emulator


Naphthol Green B Liquid Dye Pak MSDS – PDF
Naphthol Green B Dye Solution Pak SDS – PDF
2 % Formic Acid Solution Pak MSDS – PDF
2 % Formic Acid Solution Pak SDS – PDF

Lamp and Sample Holders:

Clamping Holder 3D – PDF
HST-Using Lamps with Rotated Filament – PDF

Ink and Mixture:

Ink and High Concentration Formic Mixing Calculator (download)
Ink-Mixing 1% Formic Acid Ink From Paks – PDF
Ink-Mixing 10 % Formic Acid From Paks – PDF
Ink-Mixing 20% Formic Acid From Paks – PDF
Ink Paks are Double Strength – PDF
Ink Paks as Source Materials for Ink Mixing – PDF
Ink Shelf Life Paks and Mixes – PDF
HST- Ink Paper Test (Model JA and TAF-300 Series) – PDF
Ink Suitable Containers for Sizing Test – PDF


Application for Credit – PDF
TAF – HST Rental Agreement – PDF
W9 – Request Form – PDF